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Making The Shift to Digital.
Now that we’re in the digital era, it’s time for enterprises to take advantage of the space we’re in & makes use of the many platforms offered up by the digital space. Not only is…
Why should you choose Networds?
Whether you are dealing with a small scale project, such as a logo design or an email signature, or a fully-fledged digital revamp, the dedicated Networds team will muster up all our creativity and expertise…
How Your Website Sells Your Business.
Your website is your first chance at leaving a lasting impression on your potential customers. Your website is not just some random landing page that visitors come to forget. It is the first insight that…
10 Best Practices for Email Marketing
Email marketing refers to the process of marketing through the means of electronic mailing. This is a simple, yet effective means to educate your client list on new offerings, promotions, and general happenings within your…
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Investing in Analytics Makes Sense
You’re probably asking a simple question. Why should I invest in data analytics? I’m getting my leads and conversions and I know how much I’m spending on my marketing. It’s a simple answer: “Analytics maturity…

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