What is email marketing? 

Email marketing refers to the process of marketing through the means of electronic mailing. This is a simple, yet effective means to educate your client list on new offerings, promotions and general happenings within your business. It is a great way to create/maintain a relationship with new or existing companies. It creates a sense of community which is almost certainly a direct path to creating customer loyalty for your business. 

When planning your email marketing campaign, keep the following in mind:

    • Use an identifiable sender name: Using an easy to identify name will make it easier for your clients to recognize your business & will set you apart from your competitors.
    • Send a welcome email: It’s vital to inform your client list of why you are all of a sudden sending them emails, this will start things off on a good note. 
    • Make unsubscribing as easy as possible: If you don’t allow your clients to opt out of the marketing emails, they might perceive your brand in a negative light. Some people don’t appreciate the unnecessary emails. 
    • Don’t purchase contact lists: Rather collect the email addresses from existing contacts or consumers who could potentially be interested in your business. They are more likely to appreciate & act on your emails. 
    • Personalize the email: Direct the message to each client to ensure that they feel special & to build a rapport with your clients. 
    • Pull people in with your title: Chances are, if the title of your email isn’t eye-catching, your clients will most likely not read any further. You need to draw them in so that they can read the rest of your email. 
    • Include call to actions: The more call to actions you include in your emails, the more likely it will be that your clients will actually take a form of action and further the process of making a conversion. 
    • Include your logo: The more visible you make your branding, the higher the chances of creating a longer lasting imprint of your brand in the clients mind. 
    • Write clear, concise and brief messages: Don’t overdo it with the messaging, clients will not want to read an abundance of content, the shorter and more straightforward the messaging, the better. 
    • Test your email first: Always test the email on someone within the company to ensure that it is in the correct format & that all is sent out correctly, the last thing you want is to confuse the client. 

    To find out more on how to successfully market through email, get in contact with Networds today, we oversee a number of successful email marketing campaigns & we would love to help your brand succeed just as well.

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