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It's not Magic, It's pure Data Science

We love numbers. Really, we do. We know that they aren’t everything, but they give us an unparalleled insight into your business and how it performs in the market. Our aim isn’t to simply collect data on your site or channel; we want to understand the story being told by the numbers behind it so we can help you improve and grow.

Analytics data is complex, and a lot of people have difficulty understanding what it means. Our team is well-versed in Google Analytics and will help you answer any questions you have about your website traffic. Whether you are an individual looking for help generating ideas, or a business that wants to make sure its website is performing at optimal levels, we can help you find solutions that work.

Why Analytics?

Research & Reporting

The proof is in the pudding. With analytics we research your audience and report back on the campaigns you'r running.

Behavioural Understanding

Sometimes something just doesn't work. Analytics helps us understand why and with that information we can fill in the gaps to improve your marketing.

Data Collection & Tracking

Understand and improve on your ROI with the help of Google Analytics. By collecting data from all your marketing sources you can see everything you need to in one place.

Marketing Optimisation

Analytics can help you improve your whole marketing strategy with audience insights and breakdowns of where your traffic is coming from.
The Benefits of hiring an Angency that respects your data:

Business owners use Google Analytics to track their website visits, but there’s so much more you can learn from your data. By hiring a Google Analytics consulting agency like us, we can help you understand how your customers use your website and give you insights on how to grow your business.


We're a cut above the rest

Networds helps you analyse more than just your Analytics to improve your marketing. We’ve designed a dashboard that gives you styled and informative reports,
hosts your brand CI and even helps your plan your marketing with competative metrics.

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Google Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Google Analytics is the central hub of all your online marketing activities. It helps you understand how to optimise your strategy, it provides key insights about which channels are working and where user behaviour occurs most often on the website. Google Analytics allows you to know everything about your traffic and revenue, including where users are spending most of their time and what pages on your site are performing best.

Universal Analytics is built on a session-based data model that is 15 years old.

This was before internet devices like smartphones were widely used.

UA measurement was built for independent sessions (group of user interactions within a given time frame) on a desktop device and user activities were tracked with cookies.

As much as we love Google Analytics, there are many examples of how it just does not work with the way users interact with our websites today.

Knowing how well your marketing is performing can save you money by allowing you to make informed decisions about marketing channels that work, and those that don’t. Analytics will provide a valuable insight into your marketing performance, ensuring you spend less on ineffective channels, and more on those that work.

In order to actually get some value out of your data, you need to set up goals and track them.  This should be something that makes sense for your business, such as phone number clicks or bookings made online.  Data science is about identifying patterns in this data, which will help you make better decisions about how to spend your marketing budget in order to generate more revenue.

Yes, earlier this year Google announced that all standard Universal Analytics accounts will stop processing data on July 1, 2023. After this date you won’t be able to access data or collect any new data from these accounts as well.

Our diverse team will work dynamically & diligently to create a tailor-made plan, tending to the specific digital needs of your business.

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