01 toro agency We Development Project
for Toro Agency
02 DRAIN SURGEON Marketing Project
2016 - 2020
for DrainSurgeon
03 COUNTRY HOTELS Marketing Project
2019 - 2020
for Country Hotels
04 SACOB Marketing Project
2019 - 2020
05 IKKAT Webdesign Project
February 2019
for IKKAT Gallery
06 LITE.IT Webdesign Project
February 2019

Get The Help you need. We are a Google Premiere Partner!

Networds works on improving your company by making your website, marketing, reporting and business more efficient. We’ve worked with numerous companies through the years and learned why some do better and why some don’t.


Everything we do begins with a purpose and a plan and ends with a post-mortem and retrospective on how to improve. We also specialise in client service delivery of the highest order, which means we go to extra lengths to understand you and your business.

Our Services

We offer professional services.
Google Ads

Target your audience, choose your budget and track everything in one place. Google Ads shows you what you get for your money.

Social Media

Connect with your customers on a personal level through social platforms. We help you improve your social media presence.

Analytics & Data Science

Through Analytics we gain actionable insights that help us continuously optimize and improve your marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Networds does a deep dive into your full business marketing strategy and asses and proposes lead generating strategies and changes for the best ROI.

Design & Development

We research, design, and target according to your marketing needs for optimal lead generation and stunning creatives.

Workshops & Training

We offer workshops and training to those who wish to handle their own Google Ads accounts and marketing implementations.



We immerse ourselves deeply, approaching your overall branding and marketing strategies with the same love as we would our own.

We make sure you differentiate yourself from your competition. Through a thoughtful brand development process, we help define and optimize your brand positioning.

Choose Networds to help you develop your brand and go beyond just a logo and tagline.


There are many ways to reach your audience with a story, be it web, social, video, experiential or traditional channels. Every situation is unique, and our strategies are tailored for the needs of your brand and its campaign.


We make every effort to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Experimenting with new technologies and emerging platforms is crucial to our offerings, to stay ahead of the trends. Innovation and creativity is core to our ethos.

Happy Customers

Networds has helped us boost our brand tremendously. Their dedication to Country Hotels is evident in everything they do for us and they are highly professional and strategic. We have developed a great partnership with Networds and we wish their business well in the future. Thank you!

Wanita La'Cock

Chief Operating Officer - Country Hotels

WeBuyCars Pty Ltd has been a Networds Client since October 2015.
During this time, car buying volumes have increased by 400% from 800 to 4000 cars per month. Networds helped navigate the digital landscape and unlock the business potential of the Google Search ads platform for WeBuyCars.
Together we had to navigate and make critical decisions within the rapidly evolving digitally disrupted world of electronic marketing and communications, where we deal with abstract and creative issues intermingled with scientific principles, business performance statistics, and operational complexities.

Dirk Van Der Walt

Founder - We Buy Cars

A huge shout-out to Chavonne Snyman of Networds. Chavonne took my Google Ad campaigns to new heights when she took over my account about a year ago. Not only did she increase the traffic to my web-site, but the quality of my clients improved drastically. Chavonne is constantly active on my account and is always suggesting improvements. Furthermore, Chavonne gave direction on every aspect of our digital presence at the time when our previous marketing agency was not bringing in any leads nor communicating with us. The whole process was enjoyed over many cups of delicious java

Peter Mann

Just Shoot Me Digital

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