01What We Do

In order to help you achieve the perfect results, our team is committed to creating the best marketing strategy.


Everything we do is thoughtfully tied with creativity: branding, logo design, graphics, and illustrations. We will take any idea and turn it into the best branding or re-branding project!


Developing digital products is a huge passion of ours. We specialize in eCommerce websites, content management systems, search optimization, app development, hosting and production.


We employ marketing experts who deliver tactical marketing analysis and provide consultations regarding marketing strategies, such as digital, pay per click, media and direct marketing.

We're here to help you grow your business

We assist in creating awareness of your brand and managing your brand reputation. We don’t rely on guessing, we’ve done our homework & know what works.

Our diverse team will work dynamically & diligently to create a tailor-made plan, tending to the specific digital needs of your business. We are able to assist in the execution of these plans to ensure the best possible results, with your vision and goals in mind.

We offer a broad range of services and are able to tailor these to fit your needs. Whether you’re in need of a simple logo design or a fully-fledged digital revamp, rest assured that we here at Networds, are here to assist your company and help it grow, as best we can.

Duane Mouton

Marketing Manager

Chavonne Snyman

Marketing Manager

Lynn Hand

Account Executive

Our Projects

Our work is the bridge to various insightful digital

04What Our Clients Say

“Networds has helped us boost our brand tremendously. Their dedication to Country Hotels is evident in everything they do for us and they are highly professional and strategic. We have developed a great partnership with Networds and we wish their business well in the future. Thank you!”


Wanita LaCock

Country Hotels

Thank you Networds for making the magic happen. A wonderful Team to have as a partner. They are always willing to listen, always interested in our progress, and come up with creative ideas to increase quantity and quality leads!


Liza-Marie Greyling

South African College of Business

“Great team which offers a very personalized service. Always introducing us to the latest market offerings.”


Mark Pratt

The Drain Surgeon

“Excellent service with great results!”


Leasje Welthagen

Palian Racking & Shelving

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The individual and adaptive approach allows our clients to be either completely or partially involved in the creative process.

Our diverse team will work dynamically & diligently to create a tailor-made plan, tending to the specific digital needs of your business.

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