Finding the best marketing strategy is never easy. Planning ahead and forecasting consumers’ needs is a general problem that has been highlighted by the recent pandemic. Businesses and all employees lost income for months on end. Economic activity was almost at a standstill. Small to medium enterprises were not prepared for the impending marketing shift due to Global circumstances. 

Due to the restrictions on physical movement during the pandemic, physical marketing activities have quickly, but fortunately, shifted to digital marketing activities. This was prompted by the dire need for enterprises to establish a digital presence. As more and more enterprises chose to take their business from brick and mortar to online, their marketing needs thereafter shifted to those related to online. 

Consumers were gripped by the fear of contracting the then, mysterious virus and were limiting their outside time. This undoubtedly had an effect on their profit margins and forced them to venture down the digital path. The companies that did not comply with the changes didn’t fare too well. Fast-forward 2 years and the digital space is thriving! 

Now that we’re in the digital era, it’s time for enterprises to take advantage of the space we’re in & makes use of the many platforms offered up by the digital space. Not only is marketing digitally a whole lot cheaper, it also allows you to advertise to a larger audience, it’s relatively cheaper and can be tracked and analyzed far better than any physical marketing campaign can be. 

Let Networds assist you and your business on your journey to conquering the digital universe. We offer an array of services that will have your digital presence up and winning in no time at all. Our services can be found below: 

  • Google Ads
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Design & Development 
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Geospatial Marketing 
  • Workshops & Training 

Get in touch to start the process. Coffee is on us. 

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