Premier Partner


A Google Premier Partner is a title that is given to a company that is recognized for ensuring the success of clients’ campaigns. They also ensure the growth of their client’s customer base through the maintenance & optimization of their campaigns. Being a Google Premier Partner means that a company has secured all the relevant certifications and is extremely clued up on all the skills necessary to make a Google Ad campaign successful.

Google Premier Partners have to meet a number of requirements in order to attain Premier status & earn the rights to display their premier badge to the public. One of these requirements is an annually recurring one. Employees of a Google Premier Partner need to complete annual certifications to ensure that their knowledge of Google based ads is up to date & more than efficient to benefit their clients. 

Google Premier Partners need to maintain a certain standard of performance with regards to the ad campaigns they implement & manage. The campaign performance needs to be as close to perfect as can be in order for the company to attain & maintain their Google Premier Partner certification. The campaigns need to be attaining high conversion rates & need to be benefiting the clients in terms of customer base growth and increased profits where applicable.

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