Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants/ Digital Fundraising

for Qualifying Non-Profit Organisations

What it is

top_logo3Google Ad Grants works just like Google AdWords by displaying your message to people who are searching for non-profits like yours.

If you’re a qualifying non-profit organisation, you’ll receive $10 000 USD (about R 140 000) in free Google advertising every month. To qualify, you need to be a registered Non-Profit and have a live website with relevant content.

It is easy to see with Google Ad Grants adverts who visits your website, who fills in a form, registers, subscribes to a newsletter and much more. This helps you target, profile and evaluate prospective donors and volunteers (also internationally).

Who would you attract via your free Google adverts? •  Individuals based on interests •  Foundations •  Corporations •  Governments •  Professional/Trade organizations •  Communities •  Volunteers etc.

How do you benefit?

There are many ways to benefit from these free Google Ad Grants adverts. Most for-profit businesses and organisations use Google Adwords to try and convert leads into customers at a click, at various degrees of success. As a non-profit, and in the non-commercial space, you are able to address your web visitors’ emotions, and to make a connection with your audience. It is the principle on which Inbound Marketing and Communications rests: The nurturing of your leads to become loyal donors, followers and supporters.

Here some ideas of how to benefit from free Google Ad Grant advertising. They easily fit into your fundraising efforts and your communication strategy:

  • Grow your newsletter opt-in subscriber list
  • Promote your events and workshops
  • Ask for a general donation (you cannot ask for large goods, but monetary contributions)
  • Offer programme-specific information, factsheet and research download
  • Promote membership signup
  • Promote your volunteer programme/s
  • Cause-related marketing option: collaborate with for-profit
  • Increase traffic to key landing pages on your website (programmes, stories, videos etc.)
  • Drive traffic from ads to your social pages (Twitter, Facebook etc.)


Limitations: the honest small print

Google Search Ads only. They are the most used and most successful ones in terms of Google ad conversions in any case. They are also quicker to set up than Google Display (needs creation of graphical banners) or YouTube advertising (creation of YouTube ad videos).

Maximum cost per click is capped at $2.00. This not an issue since there are many long-tail keyword options for Non-Profits who are not selling goods or products against a high competition.  If you know what that means, great, if not, we’ll gladly explain it to you when we meet.

Daily budget is capped at a maximum of $329, or $10 000 per month.


Why partner with us?

You need expert skills in order to achieve a high return on your investment through digital communications and marketing. You might have a communications manager or marketer in your team, and we’re happy to work closely together with him or her to create the best campaigns possible.


Is it really free? 

While Google offers you free advertising (you don’t pay anything if someone clicks on your ads), there is a management fee that we charge which covers:

  •   Brainstorming workshop/ evaluation •  Setup of Google Ad account •  Keyword research •  Writing of ads •  Management of ads •  Conversion optimisation•  Reporting

The monthly charge for the above is R1 500. We usually charge 10% of a client’s monthly ad spend – so if you were to spend R 140 000 a month, our management charge would be R 14 000.

We ask for a commitment of a minimum of 3 months as we want to understand fully what your mission is, what your programmes entail, and what your goals are for 2017 and beyond. We would like to build the right campaign and the right audiences for you, and drive you the results that you are looking for. After that, there will be no commitment at all, and you may cancel at any time.


Additional services

Contact us via the form on the right if you are interested in any additional online marketing help. We offer a 50% discount to NPOs for all of our services.

    • No website? No problem. We do mobile-friendly website design (open source CMS or HTML).
    • Need images, or image editing, illustrations and graphics? We do that.

  • Need social media accounts? We set them up for you and link them to your Google Analytics (which we can also set up if you don’t have it yet).
  • We can also assist you by creating professional communication strategies and marketing plans and we offer digital skills development of your team.


For more information please call Alex at Tel: 021 202 3111 or Email