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Competitor Analysis Software

Which keywords are your opposition buying or performing well on?

Keywords and Phrase generation Software

Our software helps us market in “The Long Tail”.

The Long Tail Explained

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The phrase The Long Tail (as a proper noun with capitalized letters) was first coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 Wired magazine article[1] to describe certain business and economic models such as Amazon.com or Netflix. Businesses with distribution power can sell a greater volume of otherwise hard-to-find items at small volumes than of popular items at large volumes. The term long tail is also generally used in statistics, often applied in relation to wealth distributions or vocabulary use.

Semantic Searching

Most people use specific phrases and questions to look for products on the internet. e.g. “best prices on car rental in Cape Town”. Our Software helps us to develop this information in order to determine the best words and phrases for your business.

Bid Optimization

We adjust keyword bids to find the optimal placement for your advertisising e.g. Bid 10c to be 2nd and get 50 clicks or Bid 30c to be 1st and get 100 click? We track and analyse your results with conversions analytics.

Old advertising skills

Writing effective copy with relevant keywords, “Trigger” words, and well weighted calls to action.


What we offer…

Online Advertising Campaign Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on Major Search engines .e.g Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc Banner and Video Advertising on the web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Helping search engines to find your website.


Showing you how people are finding and navigating your website.

Conversion Tracking and Optimization

Form design and needs analysis. What does your customer really want?

Web Development

Helping you make the most of new technologies in Web 2.0