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Alexander Smith

The Google Guru

Alexander Smith

Alex Smith has a career spans 26 years in the advertising and media industry.
 He started his career in 1994 with Lindsay Smithers FCB, in Sandton Johannesburg and worked on clients which included brands like Vodacom, SAA, The Blue Train, AT&T. In 2007 after a visit to Google in Silicon Valley, he founded Networds one of the 1st Digital Agencies in South Africa and a Google Premier Partner.
 He grew up in Karasburg up to the age of 5, when his father worked there as the “Tak rekenmeester” for Volkskas bank and still has memories of going to Ai Ais.
 He has a B.comm and Honours in Marketing Communication from Potchefstroom University and an MBA from the University of Cape Town. Sien jou nou nou, net gou op ‘n call 

The Analytical Master

Chavonne Snyman

Chavonne likes to believe she is a conscious individual. Her vocation brings her great delight as she tries to stay two steps ahead of technology. Her second love is the ocean. A true advocate for the oceans in this modern era of surplus plastic waste entering the ocean via our many Rivers. You will find her in the sun (or rain|) over weekends trying to prevent this with other volunteers. 
 She enjoys keeping up-to-date with what Google has to offer. Her very special and diverse client portfolio who has been with her throughout the years can always benefit from the wealth of knowledge she has learned through experience and Google’s yearly exams/ new offers/ technology trends. She looks at your digital presence as a whole to offer you benefits, insights, and return on investment. Furthermore, she sits with her clients, looks at their whole digital presence online, and offers solutions in terms of Google Ads, Social Media, Video, & Image Advertising through Google Analytics.



The Solution Starfish

Chante de Lange

Chante sticks herself to her clients and helps them ride the marketing waves as their business grows. She has a great respect for the ever advancing technological world and loves to advance with it. She spends her working hours designing, researching and implementing anything that can help your business grow. She spends more time on social media than she should, balancing her clients accounts and her personal love for Instagram. She loves throwing herself at any new digital challenges and has advanced herself to confidently assist her clients on Google Ads, WordPress, OTA’s and so much more. She is a sucker for a good documentary and can very easily get stuck into a gripping medical series but would much rather be designing amazing work for her clients and Networds.

Chante de Lange

The Marketing Muse

Tania Olivier

Tania is passionate to help companies turn their fans, clients and customers into advocates of their brand. She is an inspiring marketer who captivates audiences with her digital marketing smarts, creative approach and a little magic. Tania believes in a hands-on, stream-lined, approach to online business strategy and engagement. Her expertise lies in her ability to translate a brand mission, audience needs and business goals into compelling content that drives results. She is an artist, loves to create, read and spend time in nature. She is a complete coffee snob and is often spotted on wine farms on weekends – “La Dolce Vita”.


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